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27 April 2007
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lots of movies have a loser lurking in a corner of the bar , all by himself but he has an idea that is great at least to himself .Generally for the comedy effect they will burst into action if given the slightest chance .So if ı may , ı present something ı have been inspired to do recently .

having being kicked out of What If , ı time to time check it as a guest .Though illustrations do not generally show , ı can still be inspired .

the picture is from Fantastic Plastic site and it shows a 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon .The image ı would like to see is that the black lines showing fuselages , say Ju-188 cockpits to vertical tails (though more probably the ends would be booms like a Noratlas or Arava) the six circles are intakes for the lift jets , the rectangular ends are of course vectoring jet nozzles and a truck in 1/76 approaches between them to drive into the thing . No hotrunning this vehicle during embark/disembark phase . Yeah the exhaust in the movies is now the intake , though the air would be quite tortured to move around inside the craft , ı guess .One needs to think "bottom-backwards" when it comes to stuff like this ,after all .

the builder will have too be McDonnell as George Lucas reputedly used a hamburger to describe what he was wanting and McDonalds is not that far from the St.Louis company ,vocally , ı would hazard to say . Though you might also describe it as a Vought product as well , considering the pancake , F5-U . And the markings could be well for Luftwaffe and then the component manufacture by Hamburger flugzeugBau will be on license .

last year ı had a year end summary over there , where ı mentioned ı had only two posts deleted . Well , this year ı managed to get myself deleted ... Though my proposal for a Sci-Fi This group build was one idea that had to survive and it somehow hurts my feelings . ı don't come up with such ideas very often , unfortunately . I would have loved to see the results it would have produced .The year end summary had also what was the best of my what-if engineering that year , and the last year's choice is still unsurpressed , it is still the peak for me . It is on .

note : ı saw on the newspaper that ı buy for clasified workads that the ABL has been tested , the Star Wars are becoming reality with the engagement capacity at a billion kilometres per hour . "Due to the importance and the meaning of the event " we say locally .And the picture should read here ı go again ; ı distinctly remember an hairband singing it but can't figure out which one .


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Is this the type of aircraft, you are thinking of ?

But if HFB is involved and Ju 188 components were used, wouldn't it be
more logical, if it would have been a french type ?

"SNIAS began development of a VTOL transport and teamed up with HFB, because
of their lift fan experience. A concept demonstrator was built and the old Ju 188 fuselages,
refurbished after the war and used by Aeronavale, were used to keep costs down. The testbed
proved an excellent success and because of an urgent need for such an aircraft to transport
special freight to the Muroroa atoll, the other fuselages were utilised, too. "

Sorry, just an idea .... ;D


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    92.7 KB · Views: 21 ı go again ; ı distinctly remember an hairband singing it but can't figure out which one ...

that'd be the mighty Whitesnake, mate, not half!, (sorry can't type in a DJ accent...) :D B) ;D

well , isn't a French saying that there is nothing new under the sun ? People have already been there , haven't they ; though ı guess ı still qualify for the nutty title . And thanks to robunus , ı feel better when ı totally/really know what ı am talking about . The teachers would advise us to listen to foreign radios to improve our language skills .Being lazy ı found a Turkish one that was playing anything on the Billboard lists , that is how ı know that one single line ...
sci-fi units especially Star Wars ones have a habit of biting back . The prop makers , if this the word for people who make them up , want their products to be believeable , they are familiar with real life equipment as it is a job requirement for them . And fans or antifans can be really cruel in case they spot a "failure" . One particularly boring Galactica episode had something ı really liked , gave a new significance to the things ı have long refused to call Vipers , it was quite a long time ago and can't really remember the subject of the episode .

one thing ı had mentioned overthere but that got drowned in the clutter that Lockheed engineers did examine if there was anything to the designs . As the chief illustrator at the time was Boeing's artist , there were some actual engineering done into things and ı have heard the Snowspeeder was assumed to be feasible . Exactly how , ı don't know .

that said the Cylon raider in the old series is a real back breaker , ı have had about 8 or 9 variants and they have been all refused ... My pals just like to torture me in their own way .And since ı just watched the Dr.Who (film ? episode ? ) at a TV channel that shows old movies including The Longest Day and the very original King Kong , ı have also been tasked with rescuing the Daleks ... The troopers are hopeless until repulsorlift comes along but ı have done some preliminary stuff on the ship . I seem to remember reading BBC was thinking a facelift , have Daleks reappeared ? It would be a great help if the ship was modernised , ı could then cheat by mentioning it is canon .

not to be taken seriously . This is more than even typical r16 and it would be the mark of the idiot and quite farcical to contentiously debate what is whiff and which site has which .

edit :

ı am not exactly losing sleep over it and that ı am adding this as an edit instead of a new reply shows it is not exactly important . The cancellation of the SciFi This group build before it even got started is a threat only to me and it is 100 % correct to underline, me , only me .The fact is that ı would be the only one to ever suffer in any way as ı have this unreasonable , unimportant , unusal feeling that the modelling community would never forgive me . It was the one good thing ı needed to show in case ı was asked " So , what are you up to these days ? " In these particular days of December 2008 , ı have been busy with establishing the Hamburger as a reality , though within the confines of the bar ,in real life -ı am desperately hoping to get a piece of - the Space Hamburger still rules and the world still turns around the sun .
my presence is here is tolerated because with some stretch it can be said that ı am contributing to the discussion about aviation . Mere writing about how ı plumb ı find the Echo Eagle with Fast Packs or how much ı actually like Stealth planes would be a waste of KBs . It can be seen ı am killing time and what ı feel and think occupies some webspace which ı do not pay for but can be entertaining ( at least by showing my foibles ) ,time to time materially contributing something , even might be useful and it doesn't compare to ,say, when people post a flare launching A-10 in training over Germany as a shot down aircraft in combat . Their agenda can be identified and in some extreme , shall we say , cases even agreed to ; but if ı have an agenda , ı think it is unique . ı am yet to see another r16 .

nerds and geeks are in abundance on the net , ı can point out a few safe bets myself . And can't effectively counter an argument that says ı am one too . So what ? ı survived this far , will survive still more . But of course the buck stops , has to stop somewhere and as this place does not belong to me , ı have to follow the rules . Which are somewhat easier in the bar . People come to this site as a reference source as it is their unchallengeable right; ı can not corrupt it by talking too much in the more serious parts . And ı will be among the people who will say that they have learned something from this site . My honesty have long been a subject of derision , but ı believe in time people do really agree that what ı tell as true about me is true .

even ı get into quarrels that is not obviously not mine , considering things not said against me .

the word stretch in the first paragraph . ı was thinking an example for it and came up with the experiment that proved the existance of air pressure , the one that , if ı remember it correctly , had a team of 4 horses on each side of a metal sphere . My contribution to aviation would need 4 trucks for the necessary stretch to work , ı will readily admit it is not significant and even not mine actually . It hurts me to consider if ı might have been harder working if ı had heard them at 17 instead of 37 as my e-mail pals tell how great it was for them to hear similar tall tales from a once employee of Loughhead . Once DC-10 men ( but only as mechanics or machinists ) they have unlimited stories to tell ; which ı have to verify myself if true or false and correct identification of each case is rewarded with a similar thing that ı had never heard before . ı won't recommend it to anyone , besides ı sort of "publish" them - with all the necessary warnings if it is a fake . There is truth in me .

yes , ı am not even 40 , a certified loser that has always preferred Star Wars to Trek because there was nothing else to do . ı know it by heart that my life has been wasted and getting into an argument about Kirk or Picard will not do any good or bad for me , though it is not my field of expertise . All ı can reliably say is one goes around boldly while the other does it baldly . Probably a quite lame joke by now . And it should be well known that no Galaxy will ever match a Constitution when it comes to sheer looks . Being odd gives one the edge ; and let the geek have this one advantage . So that he can while away the days wondering how on earth the humans got to lead the Federation if "The Surak class was a type of starship operated by the Vulcan High Command in the mid-22nd Century. At approximately 600 meters long, it was an imposing design to the less-sophisticated humans of the period. The Surak class was frequently used for both science and combat missions in the 2150s." has any sense to it .

the illustration is from Civfanatics site and it shows the Surak in action .And the picture is a thumb ı had from this site which was in all probability the inspiration for the people who developed it for the TV series .


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this year's work practically designs itself . Get a circular frame that will house a 15 m wind turbine size propeller (for eco friendliness and silence) , hold fuel and become corrective surfaces and if one can make it work , a wing which would probably require conventional tails . Attach it to a Zeppelin body that should also produce lift with forward motion . The bottom that is to touch ground is built as a turntable , so that it can turn to wind , a prime requirement for airship mooring ı believe . And you will have one craft most suitable for rapid carriage of bags full with tomatoes to market right from the fields they were planted . ı have seen such a capability used as a deragatory comment even an insult in Turkish aviation press , but the thing probably can't do much more . To carry more it has either to be faster , which then will need an airport to land ( assuming it took off in the first place ) or be larger which will bring extra problems . The first ones coming to my mind is more weight and extra drag ; a point will come that getting bigger will no more give any advantages . Returning to the experiment it could be probably proved by smaller spheres , but the scientist in question had most probably had desired to make it a show to prove his points and the large diameter sphere , being large probably was acted upon with more air , requiring the team of horses .If one man had failed with a hand sized sphere , it would merely prove he was weak . ı failed all my Physics courses from 1987 to 92 , so don't take my word on that . Still , ı fancy showbiz is so important ...

pic mine


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the price ı pay for the "scoops" is rather high . You might remember my mission to save the Daleks . My next assignment is , guess what , picking up a Victoria's Secret model by , of all things , explaining what the secret is . The guys watch the show on TV - don't they have more important things to do ? - , a light bulb shines and ı receive the word . Thankfully , they are not inhuman and ı have 20 years to accomplish the feat , they will probably be long dead by then and ı won't have to answer ...

ı have no objections . ı have been actually insulted face to face and so many times , this is just ribbing .
The Surak had a ring around it because the ring housed a fictitious device which warps the fabric of space. Such a device is best set-up around the vehicle to project said fictitious space-warping bubble.

It was not designed to be an aircraft and that ring was not meant to be used as an airfoil...

KJ Lesnick
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