My version of the Aurora.


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More Pics


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rodrigoavella said:
My version of the Aurora.

Just one word ... BRILLIANT !!

Could You please post a 3-side view of that beast ??

Thanks, Deino
Very cute job Rodrigo!!

This concept is based upon your own idea, or did you found something new about Aurora??
The model looks really nice :)
On the small pictures the plane looks real
Unfortunately on the bigger ones you can clearly that it is a 3d model.
You need to put more time into lighting and color matching to get the best composite of the 3d model into the photos.
What software do you use?

Great work :)
Very believable work, I found the first picture to be particularly evocative :)
Ultra Cool Picture
almost think they real ;D

how dint you make then rodrigoavella ?

is that real background or also CGI ?
Thank you all!!!!
The aircraft is based in the Testor XR-7 Thunderdart, and the backgrounds are real.
The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

I have to ask, though, whether the sharp edges on the XR-7's fuselage would burn up if the XR-7 were real. It seems to me that they would get very hot, and they really don't serve any purpose by being so sharp. Then again, the Rockwell TAV design had very similar features to the XR-7.
Actually, they most likely would be sharp as blunt edges would create too much drag. It's a Mach 4-6 aircraft, which wouldn't need the blunt edges of an exo-atmospheric vehicle. Once you get up around Mach 7 to 8 you probably start needing them, but wasn't the Hyper-X's leading edge on the fuselage sharp edged as well?
I was referring to the edges on the squared-off fuselage, which carry over across the canopy down the length of the fuselage. I would expect the wing leading edges to be somewhat sharp, but I don't see any benefit to the faceting on the fuselage and canopy.
Oh. That's just basic stealth features. Alignment of the surfaces. Although some might say a fast aircraft doesn't need those features, but you wouldn't want someone to know you're otw if you are flying recon. Also, it might not fly it's whole mission at that high of a speed. Maybe it just cruises at Mach 3 and makes high speed dashes at M=6. It would probably keep costs down that way. The only changes I would make is I would make the exhaust afterburner area just like the YF-23, only with the engines right next to each other and have the inlet taper up into the bottom of the aircraft smoothly and remove the ventral fins so it is relatively "smooth" of reflectors on the lower surface.

But it does look very cool. I have a drawing of a similar aircraft design in one of my secret aircraft books.

Great rendering. ;D

I am going to try to make a resin model of this aircraft. Is there any wire diagrams available?

utahbob said:

I am going to try to make a resin model of this aircraft.

The market is already saturated:
Is your model based on "eyewitness reports," or simply an engineer's educated guesswork?

I'd think that the sharp edges on the canopy would get hot and require extra thermal protection.
CFE said:
Is your model based on "eyewitness reports," or simply an engineer's educated guesswork?


I'd think that the sharp edges on the canopy would get hot and require extra thermal protection.

The canopy design is actually ripped off from several hypersonic test vehicle designs form the late 1960's through mid 1970', the era in which Aurora design would have begun.
Quote from: CFE on February 15, 2008, 04:12:09 pm
Is your model based on "eyewitness reports," or simply an engineer's educated guesswork?


I plan to release a 1/12 or 1/10 scale rocket/EDF Aurora model later in 08. Based on the original plans from the early sixties.
Orionblamblam said:
The market is already saturated:

...And fakes have appeared already...don't want sue them, Scott?
US $99.75, BTW


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flateric said:
...And fakes have appeared already...don't want sue them, Scott?

That's hardly the only one of the models I've made to have gotten the "Asian slave-labor copy" treatment. No point in trying to sue them, the rule of law - at least as far as copyright - does not apply in that part of the world, and in any event I don't "own" the designs. I'm a bit miffed that a lot of their ads are simple copies of the ads for the original Fantastic Plastic kits. Like this one:

Which is a blatant ripoff of this:

But, what are ya gonna do??
But, what are ya gonna do??

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They are lovely renderings but the speeds at which the aircraft would be operating at make the use of standard insignia pretty unlikely... Heat management is all important at high mach numbers, having pretty white stars on the aircraft is going to result in pretty holes... similarly with the canopies. I would imagine that this thing would have to be IFR "only"

From what I remember most depictions of the Aurora have a much wider upper-fuselage which has to do with the liquid-methane (or even liquid-hydrogen) stored within it's fuel tanks and it's relatively low density compared to the conventional hydrocarbon fuels, and tend to have a more flared underbelly up front, a shorter engine-bay, and a flared expansion-ramp in the rear.

KJ Lesnick
Here's a little a rough idea of what I'm working on. It's based on Mc Donnell's hypersonic projects of the past, as covered on another thread in Postwar Projects. Enjoy.



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Here's the first image showning the Mach 6 methane interceptor and Mach 12 demonstrator. Remember this is all in an early phase. Eventually I'll get around to doing it on computer.


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