Asian military equipment that impressed you? and why?


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Nov 29, 2010
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a lot of the world's major modern military equipment advances were generally found in the UK, US, France, Russia/Soviet Union.
Lets go beyond this,were there any Asian equipment that impressed you (army, navy, air force, etc?)

I'm taking a broader definition of Asia. From the middle east, east asia, south asia, southeast asia, etc?
I'll probably put Turkey in europe due to the NATO thing (but if you disagree and want to put Turkey in Asia, thats fine too. not here to argue its location)
Also putting Russia/Soviet Union as non-Asian, despite that many factories and bureaus are in Asia such as KNAAPO and IAPO

For me
Japan's Type 10 tank is impressive due to how light they were able to get it but retain some serious firepower.
Historically, Japan's carriers were very impressive, especially the Taiho carrier. More recently I like the Izumo class carriers and Mogami class destroyers. Although generally speaking I've found Korean and Japanese naval ships to be a bit boring as they look too similar to their American counterparts. but the newer designs are nice

the KF-21 from Korea is also impressive as south korea has made some huge strides in becoming as capable as their western counterparts. although a lot of systems are imported, I like to see them as sort of like Sweden

for India.. not a fan of a lot of their projects as a lot are way too protracted in development, the politics, etc. Not a fan of Tejas, but the naval version did impress me, despite it being cancelled. Making a naval fighter is no easy task.

Israel. Easily the Merkava is the most impressive vehicle they made. but also their avionics and radar systems impressed me


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Jan 27, 2017
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In the category of "punches the most above its weight class" I'll go with Singapore. I really like the Formidable class Frigate, which would have been a terrific Perry replacement. I also like the Endurance LPD, which seems to fit the USMC desire for a smaller amphibious assault ship. Their mini-LHD designs (Endurance-160 and Endurance-170) are also interesting designs even if they haven't been built.

Continuing with the Marines, I think they should have gone with the Terrex 2 over the Iveco SuperAV. The SuperAV is getting complaints about being operatinally limited by being cramped and difficult to get out of, the Terrex 2 was praised for its roominess and ease of exit. The SuperAV has had trouble foundering in sea state 3 (the requirement), the Terrex 2 can function in sea state 4.

Continuing with land, the Bionix also looks like a really capable tracked IFV. Maybe not up to CV90 or Puma standards, but a solid machine, and when it first came out 20+ years ago top class. I don't know enough about the new Hunter AFV to comment but as an M113 replacement it looks very good.

I also think the Ultimax 100 5.56mm SAW and STK 50MG are best in class, since both are constant recoil machine guns. Videos of them being fired are really impressive in terms of how steady they are. I'd take that with a grain of salt though, since I don't really know firearms.

They don't try to do everything, but I'm just really impressed by the quality they produce in the areas they focus on.


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Feb 26, 2015
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Historically the Yamato as the most perfected battleship ever in basic layout; the Nagato as the first ever real fast battleship and most powerfull ship aflot at the launch, quite an achievement when you think that was the first battleship fully designed, built and equipped indigenously; the Fubuki class destroyer, as a game changer design; the Akizuki class destroyer as the first ever surface platform designed mainly for the AA role; the Junsen type submarine as the only proper realization of the fleet submarine concept, a faulty concept but one that was pursued by all major navies in the 20s-30s and all bar the japanese failed in some way. Present day the Soryu class ssk, as the largest and most capable conventional submarine; the 052 series destroyer and J-10 figther as two exemple of reasonably advanced design and adapted to mass production developed with limited precedent know how by a country with a backward economy but susceptible to be extensivly improved as the country's economy and technological base expand, an impressive long term planning success.

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Sep 27, 2006
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The dominance of US and Soviet designs/technology does rather overwhelm the Asian nations.
Taiwan and Japan do try to substitute for the F16 but the original would have been a better buy.
India and China have scrounged technology from East and West to develop their own fighter aircraft. Not too impressed with the results.
Ground and naval developments have been more successful, though items like Main Battle Tanks and surface warships still have to draw on West and East.
Israel and Singapore dont really count as Asian in this context because of their close ties to the US and UK.
In order of overall capabilities I would rank:
Japan Now able to do anything the US can
China Catching up with Japan but still more derivative and reliant on Russian designs
S Korea A smaller player but getting close to Japan in what it can do
India India still suffers from poor quality control and inept political/bureaucratic structures. Great intentions seldom realised.
Taiwan Aerospace quite impressive aircraft and missiles. Ground and Naval heavily derivative
N Korea focussed on nuclear. Heavily derivative.
Iran reliant on exploiting technology acquired elsewhere.
Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand etc rely on imported technology.

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