Artificial Intelligence in aviation



Hi Guys,
Back in February 1986 the Naval Air Development Center Warminster PA conducted a paper on "Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Combat Aircraft".
Apart from the unmanned aerial vehicles, training simulators, fault diagnostic systems, speech recognition, robotics, the software to enable badly damaged aircraft to continually fly until a suitable landing strip is available, the space programme, NASA and DARPA. Has artificial intelligence been used or enhanced modern aircraft, will there be a time when the backseater will be replaced by a talking computer?
AI is a promising branch of knowledge. It is producing amazing advances but it is still a young science to say which goals are going to be reached.(for instance Nuclear power was to be everything but then we found unexpected secondary effects that negated most of its applications for peace).

By the moment, AI is already changing aerospace and I the time for autonomous UAV is not a distant future.
Please take a look here:,6016.0/highlight,uav.html

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