ARTEC GmbH Boxer Family of vehicles

And just to be special from the start, here is the newly shown Boxer Tracked:


I think its important to note, that the Boxer Tracked base vehicle has little in common with the wheeled version exept the ability to carry the same modules.
It can also carry heavier modules and maybe even wider ones.
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Am i correct in assuming that the Boxer Tracked is developed not by Artec, but by KMW without any contribution by Rheinmetall? I would think that KMW wants a tracked ifv to compete with lynx, now that it seems the puma has very little export chances and in that case it makes sense to build a system that is 100% owned by KMW while being able to use the existing Boxer modules.
several articles like this began appearing on german and ukrainian websites (mostly ukrainian). Anyone can verify?

Have seen in numerous places now. Kind of an odd choice given it is not in service anywhere, though perhaps they are wanting to trial it.

As noted, this is for deliveries in 2025 or so. Some of Ukraine's procurement planning now is long-term, for the Army after the current invasion has been dealt with.
that means they would have 3 different self propelled howitzer production lines pumping for them - 2 for immediate needs (Polish Krab and Pzh 2000) and 1 for future (rch-155). Money probably come from the european joint fund allocated out for them to use as they see fit.
Boxer with Brimstone at DVD 2022


Boxer with 120mm Mortar

The Mortar is from Rheinmetall Norway

Video of Mortar Firing trials at Salisbury Plain

Found an article (in German) about the early concept phase of the GTK Boxer in Germany.
There was a study comparing wheeled and tracked vehicles for the program and both solutions were deemed suitable. The decision on the wheeled concept was made primarily to make cooperation with France possible.
To explore the tracked configuration Krauss-Maffei built the Technologieträger GTK-Kette based on the Gefechtsfahrzeug PUMA. This prototype had a decoupled running-gear, a concept that would later be used on the IFV Puma. This is afaik the only connection between the 80s PUMA and the modern Puma.
There was also a study comparing different front layouts, with the modern Boxer one winning over a Fuchs-like layout because it was easier to armor.


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Did anything ever become of the supposed Algerian Boxer order?

Looks like they started manufacturing in Algeria in late 2019.


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