Anybody want to render a submarine???


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5 April 2006
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I'm puting the V1N6 issue of APR together, and finding it somewhat bland from the "color" standpoint... lots of drawings, some art, but very little that's not black and white. Would anybody like to take a stab at producing a color rendering of a 1963 General Dynamics/Electric Boat submarine aircraft carrier? This was a big sucker, more than 800 feet long, carrying up to 40 strike fighters. Speed would be of some importance... which points out that I should've brought this up sooner.
The idea has returned! I've been asked to condense this article:,4724.0/highlight,submarine%20aircraft%20carriers.html for republication in a *real* magazine. It'll be a lot shorter (around 2000 words), and more to the point. Still, it'd be good to have some good artwork to go with the article. The deadline, this time, is 3 to 4 *months.* Anybody interested in seeing their name in "Aviation News" attached to art?
zebedee said:
What sort of illustration are you looking for...? 3D or 2D...?

"Visually appealing." Beyond that, it doesn't matter much. The article will almost certainly include the existing diagrams, so a "profile" artwork is probably not helpful, but something vaguely akin to the colored-in drawing I showed on the other page, whether done by hand, 2D on computer or 3D rendered, would be appropriate. I won't be using that earlier bit of color art because... it stinks. Not really my schtick.
zebedee said:
Something like this...?

Something like that, just more "artsy" and from a non-orthographic angle. As I wrote in the previous post:
The article will almost certainly include the existing diagrams, so a "profile" artwork is probably not helpful

Imagine it as the cover art for a magazine. It almost certainly *won't* be the cover art (this'll be a relatively minor article in a relatively major magazine), but you never know...
Do you mean specifically the one depicted in your ev1n6 issue, the sub on page 59 and the aircraft on page 62?
The article is going to touch on both the Boeing AN-1/2 design and the larger General Dynamics "Project STRIKE" design from issue V1N5. So something showing either of those subs, with their appropriate aircraft, would be nice.

One way to do this might be for anyone wanting to take a stab at this to post some preliminary renders/sketches here, and let the SP forum members advise and debate. Art just plain ain't my area. I think black and white line drawings are the highest form of illustration, but I know that's not what grabs people. Colorful and dramatic sells magazines.

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