Antonov 225 Mriya makes it into the Hollywood big-time

A modified An-225 is watched in one of the last Bond (Pierce Brosnan) films, flying over North Korea


This An-124, now registered UR82007, was ferried from Ukraine to Manston in England to be used as a prop for the next James Bond film Die Another Day.
So whats the "Hollyscience" explanation for this end of the world? Waves over the Himalayas (keep banging that gong dude) and major geological collapse would perhaps indicate something like the Earth stops rotating. Or the Earth's core cools (a la Mars) or a close pass by a planetoid for some major tidal effects.

I know Hollywood producers and screen writers aren't the best people to plan an effective response to an extinction event so what would people here think would be the best response to ensure survival of life on earth or at least a portable slice of it? Real shame we never followed up that Project Orion when there's a major need to get a lot of mass of the planet in a short period of time...
looks the "2012" maker try to ripoff Stephen Baxter Novel "Flood"
here Baxter explane the worldwide flood on a hypothesis related to
possible subterranean oceans within the Earth's mantle

a note on “abuse” of Maya calendar

its a complex system based on parallel running calendars
so “the Long Count” calendar is one of "2012 end of world crap"
its start in August 11, 3114 BCE or in Maya numbers
on December 21, 2012 the calender goes from to

in fanatic christian point of view, it's the end of the world:
Nostradamus nonstop on TV,
Emmerich make another Disaster Movie,
USA become a Socialist state,
and fire and brimstone rains from sky!

in Maya point of view?
its only the end of the Long Count and new one start,
so they had switch on in calendar

that all folks...

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