Alvis Stalwart MK2


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2 June 2007
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I search view with many details (front, side, rear, above etc...) of Alvis Stalwart MK2: can you help me ? 8) :p
It might be worth contacting this guy --

He's built a 1/8th scale model of the Stalwart (albeit a Mk1).
There is a 20page chapter on the MK2 with many pictures in:
Alvis Saracen Family by Bill Munro (Crowood Press, 2002 ISBN 1 86126 537 9)
(and another on the Mk1)
Hi everibody,
for Britishs, who knows where i can find ?: "Stout Strong and Sturdy: The Alvis Stalwart story" by John L Rue.
I didn't find it on the web.
Thanks again ;D
Does anyone know if the "10 ton" 6 x 6 chassis used for Vickers SSM and SAM projects (BSP4 and Forbat's books) is a Stalwart? Or was there another programme?

Hello, I think I found something:

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