Aircraft - Real or fake?

China J-14 real or fake !


China J-14 stealth aircraft,who know,it is real or fake !.


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Re: China J-14 real or fake !

oh damn! It's several years old fake. I think a contractor staff that made canopy glass with such a level of abberations, would be executed with gunfire immidiately
Re: China J-14 real or fake !

Phony as a $3 bill. I have a picture of the model in max at home.

we know this ste very well,
but there are many projects I don't know if they were a really projects
or fake.


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Not fakes, just what-Ifs ... ;)

The twin-engined Martin is said to be from a patent, the Northrop
design with lift engines has similarities to the close support fighter
from around 1965, the Bell "aira designs", don't know if there ever
were such derivatives of the Airacuda and the "gyro" seems to be
a Gyrodyne with contra props with ABC rotor, I would think, it is
purely fictional ...
Wouldn't put much faith in this site ! ::)
No, I think the author's just let his (I'm assuming it's a 'he') imagination run free without the constraints of real life or real history getting in the way. Nothing wrong with that; it's what the What-If forum thrives on, for example.

I hadn't seen this site before; there are some interesting design ideas.
I think the author is Chris707 and the drawings are taken directly from reals patents
the question has already been satisfactorily answered and all ı can say is Chris707 had these or at least similare drawings in What if Forum , at the time when ı was a member .

was this project real or fake ?.


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More explanations here:,

Well, we probably have to call it "real", Fantastic Plastic thankfully has it in the
section "concept aircraft", and a "concept" can be an idea, someone had, when
he was totally stoned !
But, as we said in another thread, such concepts at least were useful for keeping
the designers away from the front ... although, I can imagine, that for such a design.
the designer would have been sent there straight ! ;D
Real or fake ?.


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I live in Southampton and I havent seen or heard anything of the like. The closest thing that it resembles to my mind is a Canberra with droptanks on the wings (but they are now out of service). I guess they got the engines located on the wrong 'bulges' and missed the tail.

It occurs two months before April so I guess it could be a real 'sighting' but redoubtably a mix-up in the identification.
does anyone have any more info on the

Martin-Baker Spitfire Rammer proposal

and that huge u.s mistel thing ?
Plese see,3167.0/highlight,spitfire+rammer.html


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Please,are those a real aircraft or fake ?.


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was that a real Spaceshuttle project or not ?.


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A proposal from the 1960's, eh? Maybe Orion knows. If anyone would know, its Scott.

was this Kaiser HK-2 a real project or not ?.


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Never heard of it, but doesn't mean it wasn't in the works.
The Kaiser-Hughes HK-1 was of course the other designation of the gigantic Hughes H-4 Hercules flying-boat. This "HK-2" is merely a jet-powered version of the original Hercules... but I never heard of Howard Hughes planning to transform the HK-1 in such a way...
The HK-1 has always fueled popular imagination (movies such as Rocketeer, Tucker or Aviator come to mind) and it would of course make for interesting "what ifs", so who knows?
I love its looks, anyway. It was a great design for its time... shame it did only one hop over the sea...
The single Martin Mars was not as big or as handsome, but it still serves as a firebomber to this day!
I meant the single surviving Mars... unaware that I was of a second aircraft still in existence! Wow!

was this a real design or not ?.


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oh, my
this is circulating for the third month
this is concept art from Alexander Dultzev aka Dueler

I don't know if those two projects to Heinkel He.162 were real or not,one was
equipped with two Argus As 014 pulsejets and the other was equipped with
single more powerful Argus As 044 pilsejet.


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Pulse jet He 162 variants are real designs

He-162 A-10 the twin engined version

He-162 A-11 the single engined version

Source: Die Deutsche Luft-Rüstung 1933-45
nice stuff Justo, this images explain more about this concept variant of Spitfire !

I think it was completely fake aircraft.


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