Aeromarine PG-1 Pursuit/Ground Attack Aircraft


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29 July 2009
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Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co., and principal of Aeromarine Airways, developed training aircraft for the US Navy during WWI. After the war they attempted to capitalize on a number of Curtiss HS-2L and F-5L surplus seaplanes by converting them into civilian 'aerial yachts' for their airline. However, at the height of their success Aeromarine developed the first US multi-role pursuit and ground attack aircraft, known as the PG-1. Unfortunately, the aircraft did not perform as well as expected and was lost in a fire that consumed one of Aeromarines manufacturing plants.



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One more shot of the Aeromarine PG-1 front quarter view attached.
It's an airplane built for the U. S. Army Air Service ...
The Aeromarine built also three machines for the U. S. Naval Aviation designated AS-1 & AS-2
in Scout category.


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Talk about poor visibility. But the pilot wouldn't get too wet when it rained.
XB-70 Guy...your right. Good luck looking for targets. Thiis aircraft reminds me of the military racing aircraft seen just a few years later.

The aircraft above seems to be the Curtiss R-6 Pulitzer Trophy racer of 1922.
I almost concurred with Boogey but then double-checked my info and realized XB-70 Guy was right.

Although R3C was a Navy designation (third racer by Curtiss), allocated to the Model 42 series, the R3C-2 aircraft were also used for racing by the Army. The R-6 Army racer was the earlier Model 27, and so was the CR-2, its Navy equivalent. Please note also that the Navy's CR-1 and CR-3 were the Model 23 and 23A.

The Curtiss R2C-1 and CR-3 are attached here for comparison.


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Dear gentlemen, I won't argue with You, I only have seen an " U.S. Army " inscription on the tail.
The Curtiss CR ( CF ), Curtiss R2C ( F2C ) and Curtiss R3C ( F3C )
were designations of the U. S. Naval Aviation racer airplanes and I can't image myself a Naval plane
with an " U.S. Army " on its tail ;D
Look also at the characteristic shape of tail on Dynoman's photo which differs nuance
from these of Stargazer2006's Curtiss R2C-1 and CR-3.


The U. S. A. A. C. Curtiss R-6
Another couple of pics of the PG-1, with the first courtesy of the Ray Wagner Photo Collection, and the second propless example from unknown source
PG-1_-_Ray_Wagner_Photo_Collection_(16387189799).jpg Aeromarine_PG-1.jpg

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