Aeromacchi Aircraft Render


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11 March 2006
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Aeromacchi COIN aircraft render.


  • IT- Aeromacchi mini A10 COINturbofan-01JAZZ.jpg
    IT- Aeromacchi mini A10 COINturbofan-01JAZZ.jpg
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They have so many different variants, how could you choose which to render? ;) It looks great, keep up the work.

what Type-number became this project?

Servus Maveric
Well not so many, only three.... ;D
As for the project number, they never received one. The reuqest to design ws very unofficial... (South Africa)
For more info, my post here,1132.msg9085.html#msg9085
And BTW, Jazz, beautiful render, but the insignia have to be South African... Aviazione Militare Italiana never required a COIN aircraft (no insurgency to quell...)
I was referring to not just their COIN but also their small attack variants that looked like little A-10's with canards.
Yeah, I love that Canard variant. It just looks "Fun" to fly. I liked the Rutan ARES, but I really didn't like the asymmetric inlet. I understood why, it just would have looked better if it was symmetric. Ares probably would have looked better with the cannon more towards the bottom and a dorsal inlet ;)

Yes, I'm being aesthetic, not sensible. I like good looking airplanes. ;D

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