AARGM / VFDR Missiles

For some reason I was thinking it was on the coast. Well, not as far as I thought then.
You're thinking of Pt Mugu which is on the water between Malibu and Oxnard. FWIW, when I was an AF O-3 I took a class at Port Hueneme but could only get the VOQ at Mugu, where they put me up in a Navy O-6 quarters. Needless to say, it was nice. Back on topic, 2505 stretches to over Death Valley and a lot of the targets are on the west side of the NTTR, so 100-150 miles sounds about right.

Then again, I got banned from conducting missions at China Lake because every mission I conducted up there something went wrong.
You're obviously bad luck at China Lake.
LOL, I was.

My first mission up there was the WCMD integration final mission where we had all three munitions fail to operate as planned, turns out there was a software issue that had one of my mission directors been listened to would have been found before we wasted $300K of munitions. that was the only time I thought a debrief might degenerate to a fist fight...

Next up, I was conducting the first ever multi-SMO weapons drop where we dropped JDAM, WCMD and dumb iron in the same pass. Come to find out we dropped only 4 of the 5 planned JDAM's and discovered a software flaw that required the removal of that OFP off of every JDAM in the fleet within 24 hours. Final straw, we re-flew the mission last described and one of the avionics boxes broke and we only got 3 out of 5 JADM's. After three strikes I was bad luck and never did anything again with China Lake again.

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