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8 October 2008
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I'm trying to figure out how to post a message with attachments in the space projects section but unable to conclude how it is done. I'm simply computer ill-literate. Any help as I have a Boeing chart of their spacecraft studies to post. Once I figure this out can post some neat goodies. SSShhh, don't say nuttin to blast, blast.
When you create a post you will see a box to type your message in, and below that it a line where it says in bold "Attach:". You click the "Browse" button and choose the picture to upload from your computer. If you want to attach more images click on "more attachments" and another Attach: line will appear allowing you to add another image. You can add up to 8 images per post, each image can be up to 1024kb in size.

If you are still stuck you can email the picture to me (paul at secretprojects.co.uk)


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