1950's Anti Aircraft gun radars T33 sometimes called M33 / SCR584


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20 January 2010
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I am trying to identify experimental AA radars used by the UK / USA in post war 1950's period.

Does any one have information or / and pictures of UK and USA anti aircraft fire control radars of this period.

I am guessing that the memories I have are developments of the SCR 584 radar or the T33 sometimes called M33 radars

Direction as to where I might go to find info would also help
T33 radar?

I vaguely seem to recall running across card catalog cards with that while looking for tanks and stuff at the Archives II Still photo floor. Will check next time I'm there.
M33 was a gunfire control radar for 120mm and 90mm anti aircraft batteries postwar, introduced around 1953 IIRC. It latter formed the basis of the Nike Ajax fire control system, and that of the Lacrosse surface to surface missile which used it for missile tracking. Some of these roles saw it fitted with a different flat panel antenna.

This place has a picture of the basic M33 ground configuration.

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