1. athpilot

    Bartini and his Projects Vol. 4 by Konstantin Udalov and Marek Rys: Combat Ekranoplans

    Удалов К. Г., Рысь Марек Бартини и его проекты. Том 4. Боевые экранопланы. - Москва. 2021 г., 176 с. ISBN: 978-5-4465-3169-1 Hi! I had the opportunity to read Konstantin Udalovs latest book of his publication series about Bartinis work and designs (this is Vol. 4). This time he covers the...
  2. hesham

    Lippisch-inspired WIG aircraft: Hoverwing, Airfish, Seawing, FlightShip...

    Hi, http://www.oriontechnologies.net/Documents/matrix.pdf
  3. Gannet

    Why are there no WIG Type Unmanned Surface Vehicles

    While reading the following article, it baffles me why there are no modern examples of wing in ground (WIG) effect unmanned surface vessels Unmanned Surface Vehicles: Past, Present, and Future By Helmut H. Portmann, Seth L. Cooper, Mathew R. Norton, and David A. Newborn...
  4. F

    Fletcher Glidemobile

    Is there any reliable information available about the Glidemobile hovercraft designed by man named Charles Fletcher during the WWII? The little information i have found only seems to describe later legal battles concerning the origin of the hovercraft. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hovercraft...
  5. hesham

    Kawasaki Air-Cushion Boat

    Hi, the Kawasaki ram-wing twin boom craft or vehicle,it was powered by one 80 hp Mercedes and had estimatd speed of 68 mph. http://www.flightglobal.com/PDFArchive/View/1962/1962%20-%202749.html?search=campini%20aircraft
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