syrian civil war

  1. Mr London 24/7

    ‘Mad Max’ (US/RUS) Road Wars in Syria

    Only noticed these recently, ‘Mad Max’ style road wars have broken out in the last few months between US and Russian forces in Syria. Pretty harmless so far, bumping these massive armoured vehicles against one another. I’m sure others here will also find them interesting and (with a proper...
  2. Deltafan

    Eastern Mediterranean

    Well, In the midst of the events occurring from Syria to Libya, it seems that tensions are growing dangerously in the area of Cyprus ... among other articles :
  3. Grey Havoc

    Aegean Sea Barrier (2020)
  4. Orionblamblam

    Sukhoi Su-25

    Russians Scramble To Edit Wikipedia So The Kremlin's Claims Make Sense I note that on the English-language Wikipedia page for the Su-25, there's this bit of wisdom: Does the exchange rate between feet and meters change at lower altitude?