space transportation system

  1. ov-101

    The History of the American Space Shuttle by Dennis Jenkins

    The flight campaign for the American space shuttle began on April 12, 1981, with the launch of STS-1 from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and ended on July 21, 2011, with wheels stop of STS-135. During the 30 years and 135 missions in between, the program experienced triumphs and tragedies...
  2. T

    What I wrote of Columbia, Feb-Mar '03

    In 2003, I wrote in a white heat an essay on Columbia's loss, which took on the shuttle's history. I submitted this to "Harper's" and "The Atlantic," neither of which bought it. Unrevised save for the addition of photos, it can be found on my personal website here...
  3. bucky74

    Proposed Space Shuttle Names

    The story of how the Enterprise was almost named the Constitution before Trekkies suggested the former is widely published, but is there any more information regarding proposed titles for the other orbiters?
  4. sferrin

    Candidate Space Shuttle Orbiters Wind Tunnel Studies 1969 NASA Langley Research "This December 1969 film looks at the candidate space shuttle orbiters using M=20 electron beam flow studies. This gives an interesting look at some of the proposed designs. The only tunnels at NASA Langley Research Center reaching that speed are in...
  5. Graham1973

    Proposed Shuttle Payload: Modular Scanning Spectroradiometer

    Proposed test bed for advanced earth resources sensors, to be mounted in a standard Spacelab pallet. Preliminary Design Study, Shuttle Modular Scanning Spectroradiometer, Final Report
  6. C

    Space Shuttle Eye Candy -1- Ignore this embedded video and go directly to YouTube -2- Select 720p HD format. -3- Do something else for about 90 minutes (long video, slow server) -4- Watch at full screen with your favorite cocktail. This is just-released NASA engineering...
  7. archipeppe

    NASA Mini-Shuttle

    According to Dennis Jenkins' "Space Shuttle" book in 1972 the NASA Flight Research Center proposed a single-seat manned scale down model version of the upcoming Orbiter in order to test the flight envelope between Mach numbers 1 to 5 (and even more). At that times NASA has choosen the general...
  8. P

    SERV - 1971 VTOVL alternate shuttle proposal

    From the astonautix site VTOVL orbital launch vehicle. Status: Study 1971. Manufacturer's Designation: SERV. Chrysler ballistic single stage to orbit alternate shuttle proposal of June 1971. This was the most detailed design study ever performed on...
  9. S

    Chemical Interorbital Shuttle

    I found this interesting image on The site give this information about it: In 1970, NASA initiated Phase A contracts to study alternate Space Shuttle designs in addition to the two-stage fully-reusable Space Shuttle system already under development. A number of alternate...
  10. Skybolt

    MDC Shuttle proposal Phase A - new findings

    Well, I swear I didn't imagine to be able to complement (and slightly correct) Dennis Jenkins work on the Shuttle, but after having triple checked with all I have, it seems this is really a new finding. We are back in second half of 1969. A number of contractors are doing early definition...
  11. robunos

    US 80s TNMTS/AMLS studies aka Shuttle II

    the Advanced Manned Launch System, from NTRS, cheers, Robin.
  12. P

    US Space Shuttle Projects

    A very interesting site concerning the decisons that led to the STS being the way it is.