1. hesham

    Drawings to Ilyushin Il-14 & Its derivatives

    From, Авиаколлекция 2015-11. Транспортный самолет Ил-14
  2. Arjen

    OSGA-25 hydroplane catamaran

    A design by Vladimir Gartvig, drawing by Vladimir Meshcherin. Images OSGA-25 1-4 from Russisches Design - Tradition und Experiment 1920-1990 by Alexander Lavrentiev and Yuri Nasarow, Ernst & Sohn 1995. Images OSGA-25 5-7 found here: View...
  3. I

    Does early R-73 have thrust vectoring capability?

    The early R-73 variant, the R-73A bring question to me. Does that variant was equipped with Thrust-vectoring system? Someone says to me that later R-73 has the thrust-vectoring system but not the early one which is the R-73A. Can someone please explain.
  4. V

    Soviet fighters with M-250 Dobrynin engine.

    Hello, everyone. Several years ago on this forum the 3D model of the fighter be Alekseev with M-250 engine was published However, does anyone have any information about other projects with this engine? The only thing...

    List of Soviet/Russian 4th generation fighter projects?

    Hi everyone, Of Soviet/Russian fighters of the 4th generation (that's the fourth, not the fifth and NOT a 4++ and 4+, I ask not to consider aircraft such as the MFIs, the MiG 35, PAK FA, etc) I know only MiG-29, yak 141/45/47/43 and su-27 (and all its modifications su-30 and su27KUB), but I'm...
  6. Grey Havoc

    Kalinin K7