1. R

    South Korea Tests SLBM (Hyunmoo 4-4) (korean article) (english article) No confirmed details about the dimensions / mass of the SLBM, the VLS cells, and etc (and the first...
  2. sferrin

    Poseidon and Polaris SLBM

    11:20 is the best shot of Polaris from Observation Island I've ever seen.
  3. XP67_Moonbat

    Unknown Polaris Missile Variant

    I was just curious as to what version of Polaris this is. Both articles featuring these pics say they're early Polaris tests. But I've never seen a Polaris like that before.
  4. Michel Van

    Lockheed Polaris Missile 1958 Wind Tunnel Tests

    holy glory at youtube Lockheed Polaris Missile Wind Tunnel Tests in 1958 at NACA Langley Research Center's Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel the Video show a fist the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel and good look how they work. the Polaris Wind tunnel model got one surprise: fins ...