royal flying corps

  1. hesham

    Blackburn Triplanes

    Hi, here is a Blackburn unknown Triplane Fighter Project of 1917,featured with a propeller mounted at the mid-fuselage,and powered by one 110 hp engine,what was this ?.'Aeronautica%201930%2002.pdf
  2. Cy-27

    Siddeley-Deasy Type Sinaia (Armstrong-Whitworth Sinaia)

    The Siddeley-Deasy Sinaia, also known as the Armstrong Whitworth Sinaia and Siddeley Deasy Type 103 was a twin-engine biplane day bomber with gunners in rearwards extensions of the engine nacelles. Four examples were initially ordered by the Air Ministry in 1917 but only one (serial J6858)...
  3. hesham

    Blackburn R.T.1 Kangaroo original design

    Hi, from Air Pictorial 12/1961,here is the Blackburn R.T.1 Kangaroo original design drawing,and the actually built.