royal air force marine branch

  1. Grey Havoc

    HMS Flat Iron

    It is unclear if she was still in service post-World War II, but if she was still around in 1948 it is debatable whether or not she would have been technically entitled to the HMAFV (His Majesty's Air Force Vessel) prefix, given that she wasn't a powered vessel.
  2. Grey Havoc

    RAF High Speed Launches and other rescue craft
  3. J

    SARO P.108 Lifeboat and P.147 Sea Raider glider concepts ...

    SARO projects for rescue lifeboat and Sea Raider commando attack gliders. Descriptions and small 3-views from Tagg-Wheeler From Sea to Air; larger drawings from Wheeler From River to Sea. P.108 1949 Two versions of a glider, the hull of which detached to serve as a lifeboat. The Mk.II version...