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    Rolls-Royce RB.432 engine

    The RB.432 is an unbuilt design for a turbofan in the 18,000 lbf/80 kN thrust class, for airliners of up to 150 passengers. This project ran in the late 1970s. The Fokker Super F28 brochure devotes one page to the engine. It's a two-shaft turbofan with a bypass ratio of 4.8. Ultimately the...
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    "Slosh" or "Whine", Monsieur....? (ALLIED vs. AXIS Supercharger Drives)

    A DISCUSSION ABOUT ALLIED vs. AXIS Super-Charger Drives: Recently I had several exchanges with an author of a recently published, well-researched book on WW2 aero-engine development. I was rather interested in his commentary on the merits of the use of the Föttinger hydraulic coupling employed...