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    Gun-only AAW conversion of light cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi?

    Hello all; I recently got my hands on a Storia Militare 'Dossier', the first part of a series covering the Italian navy from 1945 to 2015 (first part being from 1945 to 1970, issue no.14, Sept-Oct 2014) by Michele Cosentino and Maurizio Brescia. Within the SM 'Dossier' there is mentioned, in...
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    Project 148-A: Spain's Mogador Half-Sibling

    Designed in April 1942 after a contract was designed for designs of the machinery from the Mogador class, Project 148-A was also similar in dimensions, though with a deeper draft. The design had a profile extremely similar to Mogador, but with much enhanced AA, as well as dual purpose 120mm...
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    Aerospace Projects Review PDF requests

    Could I have PDF copies of the following issues in Aerospace Projects Review: US Bomber Projects #16: The B-52 Evolution Special (http://www.aerospaceprojectsreview.com/blog/?p=2416) US Transport Projects #01 (http://www.aerospaceprojectsreview.com/blog/?p=1907) US Transport Projects #05...