patrol vessel

  1. Grey Havoc

    Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry (BOSS) - Russia
  2. W

    German WW2 Dismountable Police Boat

    Hello :), have you heard of the "Zerlegbares Polizei-Kampfboot ( ZPK )"? It was built in three sections and could be dismounted easily. Apparently some were built, but other versions weren`t. Please see all versions proposed at...
  3. Antonio

    Bazan's unbuilt catamaran

    A design circa 1984. A 750 ton catamaran patrol ship from BAZAN which never purchased the Armada Española (Spanish Navy). Projected max speed: 50 knots Dimensions: 50m x 20 m x 5 m The armed ultralights are just atrezzo. (The idea of fighting ultra-light was very popular on those days)
  4. Hood

    US 1950s Patrol Escort Project

    I've asked the helpful folks over at Warship Disscussion 3.0 about this and despite much searching no-one could find any references, not even from Friedman's US books. Reading Norman Friedman's 'British Carrier Aviation' he mentions the American Patrol Escort (PE) idea of the 1950s. Basically...