US 1950s Patrol Escort Project


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Sep 6, 2006
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I've asked the helpful folks over at Warship Disscussion 3.0 about this and despite much searching no-one could find any references, not even from Friedman's US books.

Reading Norman Friedman's 'British Carrier Aviation' he mentions the American Patrol Escort (PE) idea of the 1950s. Basically it was a "large Frigate" carrying six helicopters to search the Soviet submarine holding areas in the Mid Atlantic. He mentions it during the chapter about the British Cruiser Escorts and Through-Deck cruisers, so this may hint at the PE having a similar layout/role.

Were these to operate full helicopters or DASH? I'm thinking more of the latter myself if the ship is a frigate (I'm thinking along the lines of a bigger Coontz Class type but I might be wrong). The fact it is not classified a carrier hints at normal Frigate (what became DDG were classifed as Frigates during the mid 1950s) armed with ASROC and SAMs etc and during this time the Essex Class were serving as anti-submarine carriers anyway. Was this like a Moskva? Was there any rationale for such a ship given the Essex Class or was it a way to fund extra carriers for the Navy while Congress they were just Frigates?

Any help or information most welcome.


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Jan 28, 2008
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from what i have heard the helos where dash and the ship was related to the coast guard 210s.

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