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  1. Sanglune

    Nevesbu's projects

    Hello, I'm looking for warships designed by Nevesbu (B.V. Nederlandse Verenigde Scheepsbouw Bureaus). Specifically for surface vessels, though I don't want to discourage discussion around their submersibles. So far I'm aware of a couple of designs: Project 1047 (files attached, source: Klaas...
  2. super_cacti

    Boulton Paul Type A turret on the Hr.Ms. Flores

    Hello there. I have been looking into the Dutch Flores-class sloops for awhile now, and one thing is still very unclear to me. Many sources say that the Flores was fitted with two Boulton Paul Type A turrets (Taken from the Boulton Paul Defiant). Here is the only photo I could find that might...