navy of the islamic revolutionary guard corps

  1. Grey Havoc

    IRGC 'mothership' attacked in the Red Sea
  2. covert_shores

    Unreported Low-Observable Warship From Iran (new catamarans) Two new catamarans, seemingly the same class (or at least very closely related), being built in parallel. Here is the second one, incomplete. We know that it has missile bins (likely...
  3. S

    Limpet Mines in the Gulf

    We seem to have an evolving situation around two tanker attacks in the Gulf. One tanker seems to have been holed by a limpet mine above the waterline, and on the same ship, Revolutionary Guards are apparently seen removing what is claimed to be a limpet mine from the tanker’s hull, again above...
  4. Grey Havoc

    Iranian nuclear powered ships program This is likely to deadend very quickly (assuming that it's serious in the first...
  5. Grey Havoc

    Iranian 'Nimitz' (the 'Target Barge')