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naval reactor

  1. JFC Fuller

    D1W Surface Ship Reactor

    I have found three readily available sources referencing this reactor, either directly or indirectly: Rickover and the Nuclear Navy, Francis Duncan, 1990 American destroyers and Frigates, Norman Friedman, 1982 Deciding to Buy: Civil-military Relations and Major Weapons Programs, Quentin E...
  2. chimeric oncogene

    Advanced Maritime Nuclear Propulsion Engines

    While virtually all maritime nuclear reactors (save the Soviet Alfas and Papas, which ran on lead-cooled fast reactors with a steam secondary circuit) were light water PWRs, other reactor designs have been prototyped which may be of use for maritime nuclear propulsion. Concepts include direct...
  3. Grey Havoc

    Iranian nuclear powered ships program

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-nuclear-powered-war-ships-response-us-sanctions-a7471566.html http://www.timesofisrael.com/iran-to-build-nuclear-powered-ships-after-us-breaches-atomic-deal/ This is likely to deadend very quickly (assuming that it's serious in the first...
  4. D

    Vulcain Maritime Propulsion Reactor

    I found some interesting articles on small nuclear reactors and maritime reactors from the 1960s. The business case they make for the small reactors as well as how to construct and run them economically are quite similar to those made for small modular reactors today. New Scientist No. 288 (24...
  5. Grey Havoc

    Nuclear Civil Vessels

    To start this thread off, here's a recent article on Nuclear Merchant Ships (part of a series on the peaceful uses of Nuclear power). Includes information on the only four such ships to have been built so far: NS Savannah, USA; Mutsu, Japan; Sevmorput, Russia; and the Otto Hahn, Germany. Also...