international fighter aircraft

  1. overscan (PaulMM)

    International Fighter Aircraft Competition (rivals to the F-5E)

    We have some topics on the IFA contenders (V-1000, CL-1200) but I can't find something on the competition in general. Came across this. It's been claimed that the USAF recommended the V-1000. According to this, the performance was CL-1200, F-4, V-1000, F-5E but cost was in the same rankings, so...
  2. I

    Phantom from IFX/IFA fighter contest

    I discover today the "idea" for a single seat Phantom projected inside the IFX fighter contest. Is there around a sketch for this project?
  3. overscan (PaulMM)

    Lockheed CL-1200 / X-27 Lancer

    Air Enthusiast, September 1971
  4. Thorvic

    Vought V-1000 International Fighter Aircraft

    Following on from Overscan's post on the Corsair for CAS i recently noted in Air Pictorial from March 1970 that LTV had proposed a land based development of the F-8 Crusader called the V-1000. The aircraft was propossed for the Low Cost US Fighter project fo replace the F-5 Freedom Fighter as a...