1. isayyo2

    American Response to the R-36 - Titan II Successor

    A more theoretical question than alternative history, was there any interest within SAC to develop a "Heavy" ICBM to match the R-36's capabilities? If so, could it fit within the existing Titan II launch sites? Titan II and R-36 are somewhat surprisingly similar in diameter and height, though...
  2. Graugrun

    South African indigenous propulsion projects.

    A collection of various South African propulsion projects, prototypes and ideas. Bits and pieces of these projects have been scattered around this site, I think it's time to gather them into one place for easy reference. Starting with this article on Cape Aerospace Technologies (CAT) designs...
  3. bobbymike

    Clustered Atomic Warhead (CLAW) Project and Titan III

    From what appears to be a book abstract by Maurice F. Crommie. His website has this in his resume Dec 1962 - Sept 1971 Consulting Engineer, Senior Scientist and Project Leader in strategic nuclear weapon design at General Electric, McDonald Douglas, Stanford Research Institute, Conductron...
  4. sferrin

    Boeing intercontinental missile

    http://www.aolnews.com/nation/article/boeing-proposes-missile-with-global-reach/19405693 "The company says it has a missile concept ready, and that if it gets the go-ahead and funding from the Pentagon, the weapon could be ready for fielding within 30 months. The missile, which was developed...
  5. S

    Blue Streak (OR.1139) development

    Mystery UK Missile? Document referring to 1955 talk/discussions in Australia in which it was suggested that a total of twenty-five rounds be allocated as backup and practice rounds to support seven nuclear tipped hard site (silo based) operational missiles to be deployed by the Australians...
  6. XP67_Moonbat

    Ares ICBM

    This is a new one for me. Anyone else heard of it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ares_ICBM http://www.astronautix.com/lvs/aresicbm.htm
  7. sferrin

    MX (Peacekeeper) deployment concepts.

    Numerous methods of deploying the Peacekeeper were investigated and I wish somebody had all the details. Here's a few things I turned up: "One of the first MX projects was the Vertical Shelter Ground System Definition Program which required construction of an 18-foot diameter, 130-foot deep...
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