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    Rolls-Royce RB.432 engine

    The RB.432 is an unbuilt design for a turbofan in the 18,000 lbf/80 kN thrust class, for airliners of up to 150 passengers. This project ran in the late 1970s. The Fokker Super F28 brochure devotes one page to the engine. It's a two-shaft turbofan with a bypass ratio of 4.8. Ultimately the...
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    LiquidPiston X-engine new rotary engine concept is awarded a US Army research contract

    Connecticut-based company LiquidPiston is developing a portable generator for the US Army that uses its X-Engine, a new type of rotary engine that'll deliver as much power as the Army's current-gen-set at one-fifth the size. The engine is a non-Wankel rotary engine. View...
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    Gioacchino Colombo 's Rolling Engine

    True, not aviation but we're all petrol-heads here, right? If you are, especially the FERRARI fans amongst you then you will be well familiar with the name Gioacchino Colombo one of the great Italian engine designers. But of course, they all get old and eventually retire. ....well-lll, maybe not...