1. athpilot

    Bartini and his Projects Vol. 4 by Konstantin Udalov and Marek Rys: Combat Ekranoplans

    Удалов К. Г., Рысь Марек Бартини и его проекты. Том 4. Боевые экранопланы. - Москва. 2021 г., 176 с. ISBN: 978-5-4465-3169-1 Hi! I had the opportunity to read Konstantin Udalovs latest book of his publication series about Bartinis work and designs (this is Vol. 4). This time he covers the...
  2. V

    Large Weilandcraft is built

    The United States has never built an ekranoplan comparable in size to the KM or Lun ekranoplan, although the Aerocon Wingship, Boeing Pelican ULTRA, and Large Weilandcraft are the closest the US ever came to designing giant transport ekranoplans. The Large Weilandcraft would have been a colossus...