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department of defense

  1. F

    SNC Chosen by DOD to Design, Develop Unmanned Orbital Outpost Prototype

    Details below from the press release: https://www.sncorp.com/press-releases/dod-selects-snc-to-design-develop-unmanned-orbital-outpost-prototype/
  2. Grey Havoc

    United States DOD looking for a quantum space sensor

  3. Grey Havoc

    Project Pele

  4. S

    Sea Dragon anti-ship missile

    Of particular concern is information related to the Sea Dragon anti-ship missile program, a project of the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office that was being developed by submarine builder General Dynamics Electric Boat...
  5. flateric

    US DoD Defense Personnel Security Research Center 'Recent Espionage Cases' page

    PERSEREC Recent Espionage Cases - very interesting reading sometimes... http://www.dhra.mil/perserec/EspionageCases1975-2004/index.htm 1978 1984