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  1. Grey Havoc

    Air India: The iconic maharajah returns home (BBC)
  2. hesham

    Brabazon Type-3, possible Competitors ?

    Hi, the Brabazon Type-3 or Specification 6/45,the known tenders were; Airspeed,Armstrong-Whitworth and Avro-692 & Avro-693,but can I ask if those companies involved or not; Blackburn,Bristol ,De Havilland,Fairey,Folland,Handley Page,Miles,Percival,Scottish Aviation, Shorts,Vickers and Westland ?.
  3. Grey Havoc

    Pulau Ubin Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Battery
  4. Oberon_706

    Could HMAS Australia have been saved from scrapping ?

    Re: Australia and the WNT - please see link below; According to the Author, the government of Australia (if it chose) could likely have won excemption and retained HMAS Australia as an “Armoured Cruiser”. As others...
  5. C

    Rule Britannia.

    I love very much the delightful novel "The two Georges" in which American revolution (and French revolution) never happened,and in a 1995 in many respects very similiar to 1935, British Empire reigns over great part of the world. My question is which can be the more plausible alternate timeline...
  6. overscan (PaulMM)

    British Experimental Combat Aircraft of WWII

    From Tony
  7. Michel Van

    Luft '1919 ?

    you know Luft '46 over proposed aircraft project during WW2 but is there a similar webpage over proposed project during WW1 ? thanks in advance...
  8. P

    Avro 693

    From ‘Stuck on the Drawing Board’ by Richard Payne Avro’s original projects against the Type 3 Specifications were the Avro 690 and 692 (or Avro XXII and XXIII), both powered by six Rolls-Royce Merlin 100 engines. These were superseded by the Avro 693 in 1945, which began life powered by four...
  9. B

    British early post WWII rifles and mgs

    From The Royal Air Force Review October 1951 Vol 7 No 1.