1. Sanglune

    Dutch Post-WW2 Battleship

    A period ago I found in J. Anten's 'Navalisme Nekt Onderzeeboot' mention of a postwar Dutch Battlecruiser; armed with 38 cms cannons. Now that I look at it again it also mentions guided weapons which I seem to have forgotten because it didn't seem tangible. But as of yesterday evening, I came...
  2. XP67_Moonbat

    Russian 16-inch Gun Battleship Projects
  3. Triton

    South Dakota Class Battleship (BB-49 through BB-54)

    Six South Dakota (BB-49) class battleships were authorized in 1918-19 to be built to an enlarged Colorado (BB-45) class design. Five ships were laid down in 1920 and the sixth in 1921. All work was suspended on 8 February 1922, when they were between 11% and 38% completed, in accordance with...
  4. Antonio

    Royal Navy Super Battleship?

    Following a link posted from Jemiba (thanks a lot for it) I found a what looks like a super british battleship but I can't identify it. Any idea? Thanks in advance
  5. Anderman

    German "L 20e" Type battleship study

    I am searching for informationen about the L20e battleship studies All what i found until today is this site Does anybody has further information? Thanks.