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  1. T

    Alpha Jet

    While some weird dudes are celebrating the epitomized image of an autocrat, the french AdlAE discretely commemorates one of its hero pilot (Poet and novelist), Mr Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Free French air Force pilot, Croix de Guerre with palms, MIA, with the birth of its most famous character...
  2. M

    France to develop anti satellite lasers and "defensive" mini babysitting satellites
  3. Grey Havoc

    Commandement des Opérations Espace

    This thread is for the new High Command (or grand operations command in the French air force's parlance) for Space Operations of the Armée de l'Air Française that President Macron has just announced. A Space Force in other words. Apparently Macron intends to eventually rename the air force as...
  4. S

    A very puzzling pair of would-be pre-war French bombers

    Although I was pretty sure this had been discussed on the forum before, I've searched many topics over the past couple of hours but found nothing... So I'm posting it here, hoping it doesn't duplicate anything (and if it does, by all means please show me where it was so the two can be merged)...
  5. blackkite

    Various Latécoère project

    Hi! Latécoère 550. You can see some vertical tail stabilizer shape. "The Latécoère 550 was a four-engined French seaplane, designed in the early 1930s as a bomber/torpedo bomber. Though initial handling problems were partly resolved, the...
  6. A

    French Secret Projects 2: Bombers, Patrol and Assault Aircraft
  7. P

    Battle of France and RAF light bomber choices.

    I've caught papacavy's "What If" disease, but this is purely for interest rather than literary purposes. As we all know, the Fairey Battle was an airplane which, once tested in combat, did not imbue its crews with any confidence that they would come home from attacking defended targets. Let's...
  8. Caravellarella

    SNECMA C.450-01 Coléoptère VTOL research prototype......

    Dear Boys and Girls, here is an article in French about the amazing SNECMA C.450-01 Coléoptère (Beetle) VTOL research prototype. The article describes the thrust/directional control systems necessary and preparations for the Coléoptère's first flight (which took place 6th May 1959)…… The...
  9. hesham

    Bréguet 760 Transport Project of 1936

  10. hesham

    Dewoitine Projects & Prototypes

    Hi, does anyone know this Dewoitine aircraft which was designed in 1922 ?.
  11. hesham

    Amiot Projects & Prototypes

    Hi, The Amiot-170 was a high performance bomber floatplane project, it was to be a twin float with two inline Gnome-Rhone 14 N20/21 engines and twin fins and rudders and it had a high wing,maximum estimated speed was 459 km/h.
  12. Jemiba

    French ECAT Projects

    Perhaps someone has more infos about the Dassault proposal for the ECAT competition, which was known as the Cavalier (not to be mixed up with the VSTOL design with the same name) and which lost against the Br.121, later Jaguar. It would have been powered by two GE J85 engines and was intended...
  13. hesham

    Bréguet Combat Projects and Prototypes

    Hi, the Breguet Br.600 was a twin engined amphibian seaplane Project,intended for A46 competition with Br.790.
  14. hesham

    Blériot and SPAD Projects and Prototypes

    Bleriot-SPAD S-45 :four engined passengers transport biplane. Bleriot-SPAD Berline S----?: single engined biplane transport aircraft. Bleriot Model-101 :amphibian flying boat project. Bleriot-SPAD S-48: derivative one S-33 transport aircraft fitted with a 275-hp...