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Author Topic: Klimov VK-3 turbofan  (Read 2863 times)

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Klimov VK-3 turbofan
« on: January 22, 2013, 01:42:00 am »

In 1952, the bureau began to develop the first national turbofan VK-3 for the Mikoyan I-3 (I-380) interceptor. The engine was tested on the stand and in flight. During flight tests in 1956, it reached speeds of 1960 km/h and ceiling of 18,000 m.
By construction, the VK-3 - is a single-shaft turbofan with a 10-stage axial compressor (for the turbine bypass air carried by the second stage of the compressor to 12 pipes), an annular combustion chamber, a three-stage turbine, adjustable sash mixer, afterburner and variable supersonic nozzle. Compressor motor has two-position, adjustable inlet guide vanes eighth stage.
Standard engine produced.
Thrust, dry: 5730 kg
Thrust, afterburner: 8440 kg 
SFC: 0.739
Weight: 1,850kg
T/W ratio: 4.56
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