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Space Projects / Re: Skylon Spaceplane
« Last post by steelpillow on Today at 11:02:41 am »
Guess they'll be running a precooler in reverse to create an adequate preheater for the test airflow ;)
Swiss-specific, although as Dreamfighter mentioned, it might apply to Finland's fleet too.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Martin Baker Tankbuster
« Last post by DWG on Today at 10:28:18 am »
Schneiderman: hand-loaded? Ouch! One shot per pass doesn't seem to go with the number of rounds carried, and having looked at video of 6 pdr firings the recoiled position doesn't seem consistent with the pilot position (and would require a mechanism to latch it in the recoiled position).

Chris: escape hatch I would presume. Several other WWII era pusher concepts used that as a mechanism to ensure the pilot cleared the propeller disc.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Martin Baker Tankbuster
« Last post by Schneiderman on Today at 10:24:08 am »
Not smart for an aircraft designed to fly at low level
Yup, IIRC they even have certain parts made out of titanium rather than aluminium to enable that rating.

Is that Swiss-specific or C/D in general?
I have not been able to track down the original (source) bay auction page.
Good starting point,413.msg310605.html#msg310605

oh my !!!!
Apologies to all!!!
I went too fast on this thread and it escaped my attention!!!!
I am very confused. :-[

Aerospace / Bulgarian government backtracks on Gripen selection
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 10:05:22 am »
This sounds a right mess politically

Bulgaria is to restart its fighter procurement initiative, following recommendations made by a parliamentary investigation board after its review of the decision to name Saab's Gripen C/D as preferred candidate.

The review board – which completed its work on 20 September – indicates that a combined offer of used Lockheed Martin F-16s submitted by the governments of Portugal and the USA was disqualified in an improper manner, preventing a fair evaluation of all submitted bids. Sources suggest that the offer was disqualified because a request for a deferred payment scheme failed to comply with Sofia's requirements.

In its report, the investigation board recommends that the defence ministry rework the requirements contained in its request for proposals, and expand the number of countries which will receive an invitation to participate in the government-to-government tender. A decision on how to proceed sits with defence minister Krasimir Karakachanov.

Prime minister Boyko Borisov has questioned the need to acquire new fighters, and suggested that the Gripen is far from the best choice for the nation, and his centre-right GERB party has voiced its support for the option of purchasing F-16s. The US government and Lockheed delivered an unsolicited proposal in March 2017 promoting new-build examples in a Block 70 standard.

Bulgarian president and former air force commander-in-chief Rumen Radev opposes Borisov's view, and notes that the Swedish type complies with the terms of the earlier request for proposals.

Borisov also has suggested that Bulgaria could consider ordering a cheaper combat aircraft, such as Textron AirLand's Scorpion – which visited the country in June 2015.

Another factor in Bulgaria’s indecisiveness on the new fighter procurement stems from its willingness to maintain good relations with Russia, allowing investment in keeping its current MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-25 fleets in operational condition. Karakachanov believes the types could fly on until around 2030.

Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Martin Baker Tankbuster
« Last post by CJGibson on Today at 09:45:56 am »
On the patent drawing, what is the arc whose radius is labeled '27'?

Aerospace / Re: Blue Origin and New Shephard RLV
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 09:42:38 am »
Blue Origin signs up third customer for New Glenn

“We have entered into an agreement with mu Space on a future launch of a geostationary satellite aboard New Glenn early in the next decade,” Meyerson said. “We look forward to launching mu Space to serve the people of Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region.”

“We’ve decided to go with Blue Origin because we’re impressed with the company’s vision and engineering approach,” said James Yenbamroong, chief executive of mu Space, in a statement. “We want to deliver equitable access to communication services for all and improve quality of life on Earth.”

“The response to New Glenn has been phenomenal,” said Meyerson. He reiterated plans announced earlier this month that, based on customer feedback, the company would move directly to a payload fairing 7 meters in diameter, skipping an interim 5.4-meter fairing.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Vickers VC-7 and V-1000
« Last post by alertken on Today at 09:42:00 am »

V.1000 was cancelled 29/11/55, prototype 80% complete, cancellation charges to us: £4Mn. 6 were on order as RAF transports for elite tasks (Hastings about to be replaced by 20 Britannia); an RCM variant (=ELINT) was anticipated. They were all replaced by 10 Comet C.2/T.2 and 3 R.2, which were capital-free, BOAC-rejected. No grounds for complaint there, GRE. So....VC7 pitched to BOAC, who declined.

So were DH schemes (Comet 5, D.H.118), which were funded to 2/57 by an MoS Study Contract, £10Mn., like GRE had enjoyed a V.1000 R&D contract. It was open to V-A to buy access to MoS' Intellectual (and physical) Property in the cancelled V.1000 - say a Reversal of the normal Launch Aid Sales Levy. If this was a blunder, a missed market, then GRE should go to Vickers Ltd for PV funds...
and exactly then he did, for Vanguard. That, he perceived, had real sales potential. Just like DC-8 and 707 did.
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