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Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: NASA projects
« Last post by Foo Fighter on Today at 10:08:42 am »
Part of the Spanwise Adaptive Wing Project.

They seem to have, like a lot of the youtube video's, an unhealthy fixation on musical accompaniment.  It is soooooo last decade, peeps.
Propulsion / Re: Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (ADVENT)
« Last post by TomcatViP on Today at 10:06:43 am »
Those are certainly multi-role device:
   - inlet pressure ctrl
   - power generation (scalable - this why they are pipes and not con-centrics walls) (+ the added benefice of vorticity break down)
   - Fluidic ctrl at exhaust level and/or  Swirl number ctrl.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Piaggio P. 108C or maybe P.108T
« Last post by Dilandu on Today at 09:49:19 am »
P.S. If I'm not mistaken, "bomba a collisione" and "idrobomba" was some sort of glide bomb/torpedo devices? But I haven't heard of "bomba alata mulinacci"

Quite interesting book, anyway. Thank you for the index! Is there a way to purchase the ebook version?
Aerospace / Re: Hayabusa 2 mission
« Last post by FighterJock on Today at 09:42:35 am »
The Hayabusa 2 rovers have landed on the asteroid Ryugu and now have sent back the first images from the surface.

More news from the Hayabusa 2 rovers, this time from JAXA.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Piaggio P. 108C or maybe P.108T
« Last post by Dilandu on Today at 09:42:09 am »
Sorry Dilandu,
I re-read your post now:
talking about ONLY controlled weapons, the book contains info about the ARP (Aereo Radio pilotato, i.e. the known radio controlled SM-79), and the Aeronautica Lombarda AR (ad hoc built radio-controlled aircraft).
The other weapons described in the book are NOT guided/controlled.


No problem; and thank you!

About the abovementioned "flying bomb" projects,  APR and AR - are there specific technical data about them?  You see, I'm working on a series of articles (on Russian) about  guided weapons of WW2 era, specifically about non well-known designs of Japan, Italy and France. While the WW2-era guided weapon systems of USA, Germany and to lesser extent Britain are well-known, the Japanese, French and Italian projects are almost completely unknown, especially in Russian military historical literature. So, I'm trying to found out as much as I could about them.
a Ground /Air Forces network from unmanned to larger manned for CMTs across the entire battlespace. IADs is nothing particular. They all have to be dealt w/ from close to far.

Vehicle APS makes tanks part of the IADS

Fixed sites (Fixed Critical target) w/ Counter PGM part of the IADS.
Some AAD missile pics
Army Projects / Re: South African prototypes, projects, concepts, etc.
« Last post by 61mech on Today at 08:15:37 am »
Training vehicle ?
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