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US Army program director for  JMR/FVL gives update status on Bell and Sikorsky.

he says 'Urban operations' :o Open props really ::)

will quote Yasotay here.

"I have always been a proponent of ducted fan, especially when considering urban operations."
Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: XB-59: US Bomber Projects #20
« Last post by fightingirish on Today at 01:22:57 am »
Yeah, as quoted in your paper, the Boeing Model 701-299-1 aka B-59 was conventional design. So it would have easily been modified to conventional bomber compared to the B-58.
In a What-If-Scenario, I can see a "Boeing B-59C" dropping general-purpose bombs out of its bomb bay in the last days of the Vietnam Conflict. In my scenario, the "B-59C" would have been retired in late 70s, just before the FB-111 or later on the B-1B were introduced into service.
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(about the Vickers Wellington),13925.msg202507.html#msg202507
and about the He 115,29501.msg202540.html#msg202540.

Both types had not really much in common ...  ;)
Aerospace / Interesting LM Mars concepts. . .
« Last post by sferrin on Yesterday at 10:42:58 pm »
Propulsion / Re: Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (ADVENT)
« Last post by flateric on Yesterday at 09:35:16 pm »
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner
« Last post by Triton on Yesterday at 09:34:27 pm »
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Fairey turret aircraft
« Last post by blackkite on Yesterday at 09:18:28 pm »

"The B1.39 spec was to carry 9,000lb over 2,500miles cruising at least 280mph. Maximum bomb load was to be 10,000lb and some could be carried externally if necessary. Provision was made to stow 20 x 250lb or 500lb bombs, 10 x 1,000lb bombs, 5 x 2,000lb AP bombs, 2 2,000lb SCI containers or 10 small bomb containers. The 20mm cannon were drum fed with 30 rounds per drum, 5 drums per gun and an additional reserve supply of 20 drums per turret was to be carried but not necessarily in the turret. The aircraft was to be stressed to carry alternate turrets with 2 40mm cannon each with 110 rounds of ammunition. Armstrong Whitworth, Blackburn, Bristol, Fairey, Gloster, Handley Page, Avro, Shorts and Vickers all produced designs with Hercules, Griffin or P.24 engines."
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: British B.12/36 Heavy Bomber Competition ?
« Last post by blackkite on Yesterday at 09:10:26 pm »
Hi Supermarine 317 and Armstrong Whitworth AW.42.
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