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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: De Monge projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 11:24:59 am »
I start from the end of the Trait d'Union collection, to get corrections before mistakes.
In 1922 Show was presented the Buscaylet-De Monge 5-2 fighter and a drawing of the 3-engined 7-2 (9000kg weight plane for 30 passengers on 1000km distance at speed over 200km/h).
Louis-Pierre de Monge de Franeau was a Belgium citizen, born in 1890 and deceased July 25th 1977 in New York. He built his first airplane in 1911. He worked during WW1 for the Lumière company. After the war, he stayed technical director for Lumière while creating his own design bureau. He designed and built many machines in France. After the failure of them, he went and worked in Belgium for Imperia. In 1937, he has been the designer of the Bugatti racer for the Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup.

My dear Tophe spoke here about Type 1.2,a 30 passenger aircraft Project.
Aerospace / Re: France and Germany to develop new european fighter jet
« Last post by Deltafan on Today at 11:24:18 am »
Well, about this, another french article :

Translation attempt :

According to our information, a working group will shortly present its "roadmap" to President Macron on the Franco-German SCAF (Future Combat Air System).
This "group", gathering specialists from the General Directorate of Armament (DGA) and various staffs (Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy), is working on a classified secret-defense file. Once this one validated politically, the industrialists will join this team. Then it will be the turn of the Germans, state and industrial. A "steering structure" will be put in place "before the end of the year", which should lead to the ordering of a" demonstrator"

We'll see at the end of the year if this article was right…

For my own, if the plane has Thrust Vector Control, I guess that the experience of MBB with the X-31 could be very helpful...

To be continued...
Good research, hesham,
it would be interesting nevertheless, where you found that photo with its caption.

Thank you my dear Jemiba,

it's only the rest of my memory,the most of it is gone  :D

And for the source, French Aircraft of The First World War.
Good research, hesham,
it would be interesting nevertheless, where you found that photo with its caption.
Aerospace / Re: Another Who Done It?
« Last post by aim9xray on Today at 10:54:22 am »
I'd like to offer the possibility that this is a the Fairchild M-171 "Fighter Bomber" or M-171A "Advanced Base Fighter". The connection is tenuous but based on:

1) While we know what everyone else's T40-based fighter concepts look like, we don't know what Fairchild's looked like.

2) This is not a tail-sitter, but looks like a deflected thrust wing (multiple flap segments) which is very consistent with Fairchild's research thrust.

3) The blue shading/wash technique used to highlight the canopy and more importantly the control surfaces does look like that applied on other period Fairchild in-house models.

Again, this is rather speculative, but may be worth discussion.
From an ebay auction. This photo looks familiar to me and think it has been posted elsewhere on this forum but I cant find. Any idea which weymann machine this is?

A big mistake from them,it's De Monge aircraft.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Kamov projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 10:42:24 am »
Picture 1 shows a model of Ka.25F
Picture 2 the V.50, 3 & 4 the V.100,
and 5,6 and 7 the V.80.

Aerospace / Re: Another Who Done It?
« Last post by hesham on Today at 10:35:14 am »

there is nothing the two books about Lockheed Convoy neither Convair Convoy book,also no drawing
is in AAHS ?.
Has someone seen this very strange single-tail modification of the Mitchell, and was this real of a photomontage? (it would be such a poor job of the latter that I'm inclined to think it could be real) I know the planned Super Strafer variant was to have a single-tail, but the markings seem to indicate this is earlier.

Sorry in advance if the question has already been asked and/or answered elsewhere.
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