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Aerospace / Re: Boeing 737 MAX family
« Last post by mboeller on Today at 04:26:33 am »
article about another aspect:

As far as I understand it:
"blowback". Both crews tried to escape the stall-warning from MCAS and overspeed at low attitude. Therefore the elevators lost efficiency and that in the end doomed the aircrafts.
Aerospace / Re: US Navy’s UCLASS / CBARS / MQ-XX / MQ-25 Stingray Program
« Last post by Hood on Today at 03:13:58 am »
The lack of a 'buddy pack' for the USAF due to their selection of the boom system has been a long-standing downside that other operators using drogue and probe refuelling have avoided. Its surprising its taken this long to look at, but I guess modern materials are making a complicated folding boom more practical, though I guess asymmetric drag will still be an issue.
I have always been fascinated by Jupiter, could just stare at those cloud formations forever.
Forget hunting for little green men, there is so much more to discover on exoplanets than life. I can't imagine what some of those super hot gas giant exoplanets close to their parent stars must look like. They may have some incredible atmospheric features.
The Bar / Re: Were there German Pseudo Projects ?
« Last post by Hood on Today at 02:48:03 am »
A Pseudo project was the He 113, for sure (for propaganda / deception).

Not really a project as such, just a repainted He-100. In fact you could argue it was the most effective Luftwaffe deception of the war, a few cans of paint and some blurb for the picture captions and Allied pilots were still reporting tangling with it over the Channel in 1944.

All designers doodle and make studies of the latest technology. Sidney Camm's team was messing around with stuff like the P.1030 to see where the next generation was going. The only difference is, their sketches remained at the back of the cupboard as historical curiosities and not widely known until books like BSP came out in the 2000s. The German companies were raided for all info and any unofficial project was swept up and evaluated by the interrogators and they all got an air of legitimacy that was misplaced.

As for the designers working right up until the end of the war, I guess in situations like that you block out the bigger picture and focus on your day-to-day work to earn your Marks and maintain a semblance of normal life as all around you slowly crumbles.
It is a strange thing for the author to say, it either implies the book was written much earlier than its publication date which would explain some of the quirks that don't quite match the B-2 to the ATB presented here, or perhaps the author confused his MiGs?

The 'copied' AAM in the book could well be the R-33 (AA-9 'Amos') that resembled the AIM-54, of course it entered service much earlier than 1989 and so did the MiG-31. Also, given MiG had a fair bit of VG wing experience with the 23/27 family its rather odd the author thinks MiG would have to copy the F-14! Even so, the description would more closely fit the role of the MiG-31 than the MiG-29, but both types would have been quite familiar by the late 1980s.
Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit
« Last post by TomcatViP on Yesterday at 06:20:54 pm »
He would have had a tense sense of professionalism because such things are not easily done (was done also above the Rafale line at the time  ;)  ).
Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-2A Spirit
« Last post by SpudmanWP on Yesterday at 03:27:14 pm »
My Step-Father worked for for the contractor who made upgrades to the mfg facility that the B-2 was made in.  He worked up in the rafters for months while they built the B-2 below him :)
The Bar / Re: Lockheed Archives ?
« Last post by bercr on Yesterday at 02:02:47 pm »
A link to a previous post... just wonder where are the original color negatives made by Lockheed photographers (like Erik Miller) at Burbank, Van Nuys and so on... P-38, P-80, F-90, Constellation, Constitution, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, XP-58 and so on...,28418.0.html
The Bar / Re: Lockheed Archives ?
« Last post by Orionblamblam on Yesterday at 01:48:12 pm »

While searching , found that Lockheed uses a third party storage company service called Iron Mountain to store some of their archives. But no idea if it's accessible. Would have to know someone at Lockheed certainly...

Lots of places use Iron Mountain. Here's a hint: they have everything. You'll never see any of it.

When I worked at United Tech in California, when an engineer retired one of the things he'd have to do was oversee boxing up his files for transfer to Iron Mountain. You'd end up with a box the size of a file cabinet drawer labeled "Titan Stuff." And that's it. Probably a date, probably the name of the employee, but the sum total description of what's in the box with *thousands* of pages and likely hundreds of files is... "Titan Stuff."

If you have ownership of the box, and you know which box you want, you can get Iron Mountain to fish it out of their storage facility and deliver it to you. Best of luck as an outsider trying to figure out which box out of *thousands* has what you want. Especially since a lot of the files were stored away before current computer data systems, rather the data simply written down... somewhere.

And of course sometimes engineers died, got fired, quit. In which case their stuff would get dumped into a box and shipped off, and *probably* labeled something like "Scott Lowther Box 2, 2004-03-03" or some such. I know that when *I* left United Tech, at no point was I tasked with making anything remotely resembling a detailed accounting of my files.
The Bar / Re: Rearming the UK: What equipment? and how much?
« Last post by Flyaway on Yesterday at 01:29:08 pm »
Boeing seeks UK decision on Wedgetail jet buy this year - executive

AVALON, Australia (Reuters) - Boeing hopes Britain will decide this year on plans to buy E-7 Wedgetail early warning jets, an executive said, after talks last year sparked a row over competition in arms procurement.

Seems a good decision to me.

Maybe the USAF should consider it to rather than I believe the stalled E-3 upgrade.

Update:  UK orders Boeing E-7A AEW&C
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