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  1. Grey Havoc

    Islamic Republic of Iran Navy

  2. Grey Havoc

    Sinking of IRIS Kharg
  3. S

    Limpet Mines in the Gulf

    We seem to have an evolving situation around two tanker attacks in the Gulf. One tanker seems to have been holed by a limpet mine above the waterline, and on the same ship, Revolutionary Guards are apparently seen removing what is claimed to be a limpet mine from the tanker’s hull, again above...
  4. Grey Havoc

    Iranian nuclear powered ships program This is likely to deadend very quickly (assuming that it's serious in the first...
  5. Eagle2009

    Iranian Training Frigate

    Gents, Several months back, a rather interesting naval concept showed up on display in Iran. From the posters that are near the model, it is believed this vessel (which is currently named Khalij Fars or Persian Gulf) is a training vessel for the IRIN. The vessel class is sometimes referred to...
  6. Eagle2009

    Mowj Class Light Frigate

    The Mowj class Corvettes are Iran's first successful attempt as building medium-large surface combatants. It is clearly heavily based on the British Vosper Mark V Iran imported in the 70's, but with modifications made because of Iran's inability to import technology from abroad. These...