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  1. hesham

    Convair F-102 Delta Dagger Development and Derivatives

    Hi, I found this strange drawing to F 102,may be,they meant Convair F-102, but please look to its air intakes !,I think this a French imagine to F-102 before it appeared...
  2. steelpillow

    De Havilland DH.127 and DH.128

    According to Derek Wood; Project Cancelled, pp.190, 192-195, the DH.127 was a two-seat V/STOL strike/reconnaissance aircraft with high-mounted delta wing, twin reheated Speys and two lift engines in front of the cockpit. Joint RAF/RN requirement OR.346 led to Ministry Specification ER.206 for an...
  3. galgot

    Dassault EUROTRAINER (2003-2005)

    Came across this on a modeling site. A modeler did a detailed model out from a bare unpainted Dassault resin (?) display model. The author says he know very little about it apart that it really comes from dassault, was to be called EUROTRAINER and was a 2003-2005 study for a Alphajet...