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  1. Mark Nankivil

    Bell SK-5 Air Cushion Vehicle Brochure

    Good Day All - On EPay at the moment: Enjoy the Day! Mark
  2. C

    Bell "Seakat" Sea Control Ship (SCS) sensor carrier proposal

    To reply no. 55 by Aerofranz, I misidentified the illustration's top sensor carrier as the Bell SeaPig. It's actually the SeaKat, still from Bell Aerospace. I apologize for the error. Attached are a couple views of a SeaKat factory model. I would be grateful for any info about this little-known...
  3. hesham

    Bell/Boeing « Mighty Mouse » (FAAV contender)

    Look for this Boeing VTOL project,we spoke about it before,but they spoke about the FAAV,may be it was Boeing FAAV.
  4. J

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey - Development and Proposed Variants

    I photographed this years ago at the Paris air Show but I never found any other reference to it (like designation, specs, 3 views....) I dimmly remember a reference to the cargo bay being kept in the design and could be used as bomb or torpedo(!!!) bay .... any info ? JCC
  5. Antonio

    Bell Aircraft / Bell Aerospace "D-" designations

    Some Bell Numbers: Ducted Fan Designs (Jay Miller's The X-Planes X-1 to X-31. Revised Edition) D-181: 4 duct D-182A: twin duct testbed D-182C: twin duct testbed D-190: Air Rescue design based on D-181/182 research (1959) D-190/C-130: It was to be fitted under a specially modified C-130 launch...
  6. JAZZ

    Bell and VT Hovercraft concepts 1960-0nwards

    Some interesting Bell and VT designs came out in the 1960's, I dare say not that practicable. However it is interesting to see how the defense industry saw the future, very often the future we describe, ends up the future we have.
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