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  1. hesham

    Convair F-102 Delta Dagger Development and Derivatives

    Hi, I found this strange drawing to F 102,may be,they meant Convair F-102, but please look to its air intakes !,I think this a French imagine to F-102 before it appeared...
  2. V

    Soviet fighters with M-250 Dobrynin engine.

    Hello, everyone. Several years ago on this forum the 3D model of the fighter be Alekseev with M-250 engine was published https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/under-the-red-star.17243/post-279337 However, does anyone have any information about other projects with this engine? The only thing...
  3. M

    Fidia Piattelli aircraft designations

    Hi, Fidia Piattelli was an italian engineer, born in 1907, most famous for his role as vice-director of Caproni's Technical Office, but he also worked at CMASA (FIAT), at General Aircraft (in the UK) and was lieutenant of the Genio Aeronautico. He wrote for many magazines like "Rivista...

    Curtiss X-100 drawing/topic on the forum?

    Hello, In internet, there is a lot of information about Curtiss X-19 and x-300 aircrafts, but about x-100 I found just here, here and in several other web-sites (I didn't find topic on the forum). Maybe you can find some more information or drawings of this aircraft(maybe something on the forum?)?