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  1. Grey Havoc

    IJN 61 cm (24") F3 (Experimental) Torpedo

    http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WTJAP_WWII.php#61_cm_%2824%22%29_F3_%28Experimental%29 Came across this again today while trying to find information on possible use by the JSDF of Mark 32 torpedo tubes (built under licence by Watanabe Iron Works) as shore based torpedo launchers. It's...
  2. S

    McGaffey AV-8 « Aviate »

    I was so sure I'd shared a photo of what was then a mysterious aircraft, but couldn't trace the topic despite my efforts. Our friend Tophe probably could have identified right away, since he mentions it in his Forked Ghosts and Catamarans du Ciel works, but he no longer visits this forum...