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Those mysterious F-110+ designations

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HAVE PHOENIX sounds interesting.   B)

 :o Whisperstream, you've really made my day!! Welcome to this forum and I'm looking forward to more great contributions of yours...  ;)

I'm pretty sure Peter Merlin posted that exact same summary somewhere....

Now I'm anxious to see what these HAVE PHOENIX, YF-24, and YF-43 projects are all about now that Whisperstream made that post.  I will now patiently wait until said projects are declassified.  I'm pretty sure I can live long enough to see the day. ;D B)

HAVE PHOENIX is simply the continuation of the FME program. For some reason it changed from HAVE IDEA to HAVE PHOENIX in 1986. When CONSTANT PEG shut down in 1988, I thought that the FME programs were winding down, but they have become the highest priority program at Groom Lake.

In October 1992 the 6513th Test Squadron (Red Hats) inactivated, but immediately reactivated as 413th Test Squadron (later 413th Flight Test Squadron). The 413FLTS eventually came to be associated with electronic warfare testing. When the 413FLTS was inactivated in May 2004 as part of a consolidation and realignment of EW assets, remaining personnel and assets were transferred to Electronic Warfare Directorate North Base (412TW/EWAH). The Red Hats, however, continue to conduct FME projects, apparently as an unnumbered squadron at Groom Lake.

The 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron (Red Eagles) inactivated in July 1990. Some assets were reconstituted as Detachment 2 of the 57th Fighter Weapons Wing. The unit, known since October 1996 as Detachment 3 of the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group has also been involved with FME projects at Groom Lake. The mission of DET 3, 53TEG, is to be the representative for Air Combat Command interest in USAF foreign materiel exploitation and training opportunities with Air Force Materiel Command.


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