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Author Topic: Software and techniques for producing an orthogonal/3-view based on photographs  (Read 1128 times)

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I suppose one lays down a grid based on assumptions about
- how many degrees off of horizontal and vertical the image was taken at
- how deep the object is (i.e. how much further back the rear of the aircraft is)
- how distorted the image is (field of view and distance to camera)

Then one should be able to take measurements and convert the measurements to what they would be as viewed from other angles.

If you have enough points of comparison (i.e. distances between the same points from different photos) you should be able to calculate the field of view or distance of the camera.

Now my questions are:
- Is there software which can speed up this process?
- Are there good tutorials out there on how to do this?


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I did a brief search for such software last year, and didn't find anything worth having. A few free programs that were no better than my current solution (Adobe Illustrator plus a spreadsheet), some that were actually worse (one insisted on having its measurement labels overlap and obscure most of the object you were trying to measure, with no way to move them).

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A good tutorial and a read-made software is something, I'm looking for for really quite
a while, too. Your question was already dealt with here in several threads, too (but you certainly know this ?),
have merged those threads :,658.0.html

I once tried a software, which may be helpful, if you come to grips with it, seems, that a free version is
available , which should work with newer systems (
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