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28 January 2008
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Hi everbody

I have found some ! Austro-Hungarian "(Hovercraft)" from 1915
It should be a torpedo boat or demolition boat with 1200kg warhead!
Here are a few good Websites that describe the system.
(Versuchsgleitboot and Schnellboot Szombathy and others)

I have heard of a "LM-Funklenkboot"
Controlled from airships! And from Seaplanes! It should be a demolition boat!
Are there more informations? What about some Pictures ?

Many greetings
Your post reminded me of a series of paperbacks ublished in the '70sby Heyne
publishing. in one of them ("Kriegsschiffe 1914 - 18)") an italian motor torpedo boat
was shown, which was in fact a hybrid between a boat and a track-laying vehicle and
should have been able to climb over torpedo nets. It was intended to attack the austrian
fleet at their main base at Pola.


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LM-Boats, austrian copy of the GRILLO and many others !

Many greetings
Hi everbody

Fernlenkboote in Action
Page 7

Many greetings
Another Page about the "Vesuchsgleitboot"
If you like these, you'll love this site! This covers ALL the projected Austro Hungarian boat projects.

Dave G AH Panzerbootea.jpg
Projects of "semi-underwater torpedo boats":
33 t, 32 knots
00000010 Boat.jpg
Two variants in 35 t, 28 knots:
00000014 Boat.jpg
00000015 Boat.jpg
And, data about other project, engineer Gusev, 17 december 1914
Speed - 78 versta per hour with 50 HP automobile type engine, possible, upgrade to 110 versta per hour. One versta per hour = 1.066,8 kmph, 78 versta per hour = 78.52 kmph or 42.4 knots, 110 versta per hour = 110.7 kmph or 59.8 knots. Empty weight, without crews, weapons, fuel and oil - 20 pood, or 327.6 kg. Full diceplacement 94 pood, or 1539.72 kg. Biggest draft in river - 2.5 foot, or 0.762 m. Silhoutte height - 6-7 foot, or 1,83-2.134 m. Sound suppression, water exhaust outlet. Boat covered with scales, bullet proof protection. "My boat more effective and reliable, than seaplane. Range - a hundred times bigger". Suggest use for raids to Istanbul and other Turkish towns, raids to Budapest, etc.
Bonus - projects of canals:
From Onega Lake to White Sea (for light ships, "Novik" type destroyers, etc.):
00000011 OWS.jpg
"Siberian waterway" (from Baltic Sea to Pacific Ocean, for big ships)
Also, worked at projects of canals:
- From Black Sea to Baltic Sea
- From Black Sea or Azov Sea to Caspian Sea
After victory in WW was planned to obtain territories in the Mediterranean Sea and in Persian gulf, and, than was an idea about the canal from Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea
And, for Russian empire, idea of long-range small-size special boats was very revelant.
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"Hydriada", Gusev, 1915
48-51.5 knots or 85-90 versta per hour (90.7-96 kmph) with 50 HP engine, or, with 80 HP - over 100 versta per hour (106.7 kmph or 57.6 knots), fuel on 30 hour with 50 HP engine - over 2000 versta (2134 km) (maximum range, in my calculations, 2880 km). Light bulletproof armour. Use of sail is possible Weapons - "according to tasks", if built a increased variant - standart naval torpedo. Full weight ~ 30 pood (491.4 kg).
And, idea about "Naval cavalry"...


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