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Feb 15, 2007
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I just ran across a listing of US Airforce Transports 1936-2006 on
Everything seems to be OK in that listing until you come XC-143 and then enter into the greatest load of nonsense I have seen in a while. It is probably related to some game or whatever, but I just place this here so that nobody comes up with these as 'designations'.

Convair VC-144 Superstream Executive transport version of B-58 Hustler bomber known as the Superstream I on the civilian market. Original version was minimally modified from the bomber and provided accommodation for eight in a cramped cabin behind the pilot. The cabin was divided by the wing spars with passengers having to step over them to get to their seats. Large numbers of Superstreams were purchased by foreign air forces who used them as reconnaissance aircraft.

Grumman C-145A Academe Military version of Gulfstream twin-engine business transport intended as a short-haul VIP transport and training aircraft

Beechcraft VC-146 King Air 90 commercial executive aircraft delivered to USAF as VIP transports.

Hindustan Aviation C-147 HA-4 Caraboo twin-engined light utility transports purchased by USAF.

Hindustan Aviation C-148A HA-5 Caraboo twin-turboprop light utility transports taken over by USAF

Douglas C-149A/B Nightingale/Skytrain II Aeromedical evacuation transport. Basically similar to commercial DC-9-32CF convertible freighter.

Lockheed C-150 Galaxy Four-engined long range military strategic transport. Four General Electric TF-39 turbofans.

Gulfstream VC-151 Superstream Designation given to Superstream II executive aircraft purchased for use as a VIP transports. The Superstream II was based on the B-58F but had an enlarged 12-seat cabin aft of the cockpit. The wing was also lowered to clear the cabin of obstructions. Due to the extension of the delta wings forward, the Superstream II has an aft entry/exit door.

Beechcraft C-152 Huron Designation given to versions of the Beechcraft Super King Air 200 ordered for use by all the services.

**Boeing C-153 Dynasoar Reusable orbital transport vehicle initially used for space missions, later became supply shuttle and personnel transport for MOL and MOWS space stations.

Boeing XC-154 Advanced Medium STOL transport (AMST) prototypes. Two built. Two CF6-50 turbofans and USB system. Did not go beyond prototype stage due to development of rotodynes with superior performance

McDonnell YC-155 Advanced Medium STOL Stransport (AMST). Four JT8D-17 turbofans and EBF systems. Did not go beyond prototype stage due to development of rotodynes with superior performance

Cessna C-156 Cessna Caravan CE-208 Light utility transport

Kaman C-157 Rotodyne transport used for medium- and short-haul cargo and personnel flights. Replaced C-123 and C-131

Boeing C-158 Designation given to eight ex-airline Boeing 707-320Cs acquired by USAF in 1981.

Boeing C-159 Version of commercial Boeing 747 personnel cargo transport ordered for Air National Guard. 189 aircraft delivered

Douglas KC-160A Extender Flight refueling tanker and military freighter adaptation of commercial DC-10 airliner. Six General Electric CF6 turbofans.

Convair C-161 Superstream Military version of Superstream III business jet used for special mission support and electronic surveillance roles. It featured a 150-foot fuselage with a pressurized cabin that could carry a maximum of 52 passengers seated two abreast. This developed version of the Superstream differed from the military B-58 in that the tailcone extended far behind the trailing edge of the delta wing, and featured a separate horizontal tail. The aircraft was powered by four Pratt & Whitney J58 turbojets (two under the wings, and two on the wingtips), and could cruise at a speed of Mach 2.4 over a range of 2500 nautical miles. Normal configuration was for 26 passengers

Gates Learjet C-162 Military version of Gates Learjet Model 35A executive jet. Used for general light transport and medevac duties

Boeing C-163 Four ex-airline Boeing 727-100 transports used by Air National Guard to carry inspection and training teams from Washington to various points in the USA.

Douglas EC-164A Designation given to DC-8-54F acquired for use as "electronic aggressor" aircraft with electronic warfare support groups.

Fairchild C-165A Military version of 19-seat Metro 3 twin- turboprop Rotodyne transport. Used as operational support transport by Air National Guard units.

Kaman C-166A Twin-turboprop Rotodyne acquired for use as short takeoff transport in the Canal Zone.

Fairey Aviation C-167 Military version of Fairey Aviation Airbus transport. Six ordered by USAF for the combat flight inspection and navigation mission roles.

Fokker C-168A Designation applied to two Fokker F-27s used by US Army for Golden Knights parachute team.

Boeing C-169A Designation applied to four Boeing 757-200s acquired for USAF for use as executive VIP transports.

North American C-170 Valkyrie Supersonic personnel transport based on B-70 Valkyrie bomber. Five groups originally in service, four withdrawn and sold to civilian operators. Remaining group served as VIP transports and rapid-response transports

McDonnell C-171 Globemaster Long-range heavy airlifter project. Four 37,000 lb. st. P&W F117-PW-100 turbofans.

North American VC-172 Extensively-modified C-170 used as presidential aircraft

Lockheed C-173 Non-Developmental Airlift Aircraft project for a commercial freighter to supplement the C-171. Project cancelled before anything was ordered. At the time, the C-171 project was in trouble and Boeing proposed a version of the 747-400F to supplement a reduced C-171 acquisition. The proposal was rejected. Lockheed made a similar proposal (C-150D) which was also rejected.

Lockheed C-174 Military version of Citation V Ultra (Model 560)

Convair YFC-175 Reserved for an eight-engined aircraft, but not used. Believed to have been the original designation for the YAL-1A airborne laser prototype

Gulfstream Aerospace C-176A Gulfstream Vs acquired by USAF for technical and logistics support.

Galaxy Aerospace C-177 Military version of Model 1125A Astra SPX business jet for ANG.

Kaman C-178 High-speed, medium haul Rotodyne transport. Used by special forces units and as a utility transport

Boeing C-179 Dyna-Soar Single-stage-to-orbit personnel and cargo shuttle intended to supply MOL and MOWS space stations. Replaced earlier versions that needed launch aircraft or booster rockets.

Boeing C-180 Starship Space-based shuttle intended for flights between space stations and satellites. Not intended to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere.

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