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Why the Viggen to be lost?


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Aug 17, 2006
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Back to 1967, when several nations of NATO proposed to next generation combat aircraft for replacement of F-104 and G.91Y. The SAAB Viggen does on the deck to be alternative. I checked the specification of Viggen and other plans to both, then the question raised, why they didn't choose Viggen, since to be interceptor, the Tornado seem to be not better than Viggen, whereas most of nations in that Group need a multi-function fighter rather than a bomber as Tornado factually.


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Mar 11, 2006
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Even if the Viggen would have been built in license, a lot of design teams would
have been lost to the aviation companies of GB, Germany, Italy, a whole generation
of experience in fighter design would have been lost. At least, these were the fears,
which were stirred up by the industry, I think. Military procurement is a highly political
affair, and those affairs are influenced to at least 80% by economical reasons.
Technical reasons can always be devaluated by clever industrial spokesmen .
Examples can be counted in dozens, at least !